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About Dekalin


Dekalin is a prominent and successful brand in the specialized field of adhesions, coatings and sealants for more than 100 years. It all started with the production of an adhesive for the labels of canned food. This was the foundation for ‘Dekalin Deutsche Klebwerkstoffe' in Hanau, Germany, back in the year 1907. First their product-portfolio embraced several natural adhesives and after 1945 the company adjusted their products to market demands, synthetic adhesives and coatings for industrial customers, especially the automotive industry.

Dekalin supplies a broad range of customers with anti-corrosion-, stone chip- and sound deadening coatings and an extensive range of adhesives and sealants for the transport sector, general- and building industry.

In favor of commercial, practical and facilitairy arguments Dekalin moved to Bergeijk in the Netherlands, in 1995. Dekalin is, historically, a specialized company focused on the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sector. As a result, a varying range of OEM's have approved many Dekalin products for their production processes.


In close cooperation Dekalin develops products and solutions which meet producer-specific requirements, something common in many professional industries. For the automotive, caravan- and bus industry Dekalin covers a complete range of adhesives, sealants and coatings. Other products find their way to e.g. the repair of roofs of buildings and there are a number of specialized products for specific markets. Dekalin is an export orientated company (90% export) of which its products are distributed worldwide. Dekalin can be your professional business 2 business partner, as already mentioned, Dekalin can provide you with, know how, expertise and practical experience. In order to maintain our high quality standards Dekalin has the availability of:

  • High production capacity with opportunities for growth in a modern well equipped complex build
    on an area of 26.000 m²;
  • Experienced R&D department with extensive lab facilities;
  • An integrated quality system, which is written down in ISO 9001;
  • Environmental awareness, written down in ISO 14001.

Dekalin offers its partners professional analysis, flexibility and reliability. Since customer focus and innovation are essential to maintain and develop these partnerships, we invest in long term cooperation by means of a tuned balance between quality and price.


Development, environment and innovation are and will always be important building blocks in order to ensure Dekalins future perspectives. Evolving market demands provide a continuous challenge for Dekalin to enhance and extend their product portfolio, after all customers' satisfaction is priority. Worldwide a lot of respected long-term relations already benefit from the expertise in the field of adhesives, sealants and coatings that Dekalin exhibits, don't hesitate, follow them, and choose today for quality tomorrow!