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Research & Development

DEKALIN has a specialized R&D Department, which develops, optimizes and maintains own recipes and also facilitates development trajectories for formulations belonging to its partners. Secrecy and confidentiality are guaranteed of course.

The Department of Research & Development controls a well-equipped modern laboratory, where all the necessary tests can be carried out, in order to guarantee the quality and durability of the manufactured products. The following infrastructure is utilized: a rheometer; tensile testing machines; climate chambers; salt-spray and gravel-impact equipment; spray cabins; etc. In addition, there are of course several types of mixers and dissolvers, to manufacture laboratory formulations, in accordance with a normal production situation.

Expertise and know-how of the R & D department, as well as the production facilities, are focused at the following chemistries: rubber; resins; PVC; dispersions; butyl's (liquid and strips) and silyl-modified polymers (MS-Pol). Many products are available in solvent based, high-solid and waterbased versions.

Development at DEKALIN is often directed towards more environmentally friendly products and towards the improvement of application behavior of existing and new products.

We are well equipped to help you develop new products for existing and new applications!